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"Our objective is not to just wash our customers' vehicles in as little time as possible but to provide them with a process for the long term protection of their vehicle in a manner consistent with these specific principles:

the safest practices and procedures for washing those vehicles.

providing a high degree of consistent quality.

providing these services at a consistent and acceptable level  of speed.

doing so in a friendly and informative atmosphere.

management dedicated to the constant improvement  of these 4 principles.

That's far different than just washing your vehicle."


The Staff and Management of
Car Care II

Our car wash was designed with the long-term protection of your vehicle's finish in mind.  There is a big difference between cleaning your vehicle as fast as possible, and designing a car wash process that will provide you with a  sparkling clean vehicle, within the framework of preserving the appearance of those vehicles for years to come, and doing so in an efficient and reasonable time period.

Our car wash is the first and only one in the area to combine two different types of washes into one tunnel.  Touchless high pressure cleaning and an automatic lambs wool hand wash process, unique and exclusive to Car Care II in this area, provide your vehicle with the best our industry has to offer.  Our computer controlled systems make our wash flexible and precise, down to the inch, to ensure proper application and coverage,  We understand choosing a wash package at some washes can be confusing, that's why we have one standard in our wash.

Other than our clearcoat protection package, recommended once a week, there will be no additional charges.  Cleaning the white walls; removing brake dust, flushing the undercarriage; all are included.  Even free, self-service vacuums and coffee are provided for your convenience!

In our customer walkway, four observation windows (1-2-3-4) allow you to view the car wash process as it's being performed because we want you to now what's being done to your vehicle.  All of this is topped off with courteous, friendly employees, to give you peace of mind in choosing Car Care II for your car washing needs.  Stop by and see why our customers say "If your car is not becoming to you, it should be coming to us".


We make car care a science .... and it shows.

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