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"Our objective is not to just wash our customers' vehicles in as little time as possible but to provide them with a process for the long term protection of their vehicle in a manner consistent with these specific principles:

the safest practices and procedures for washing those vehicles.

providing a high degree of consistent quality.

providing these services at a consistent and acceptable level  of speed.

doing so in a friendly and informative atmosphere.

management dedicated to the constant improvement  of these 4 principles.

That's far different than just washing your vehicle."


The Staff and Management of
Car Care II

Observation Window 1
Upon entry into the wash tunnel, technicians apply bug remover to the front of the car and mirrors as well as bright if required.  Using HOT WATER HIGH PRESSURE WASHERS, bugs and excess dirt are removed from the vehicle.  It's done manually, so if your car needs extra attention, it gets it.  When the car is ready for the rest of the process, the computer is activated to move the vehicle through the wash tunnel.

As the vehicle begins to move down the conveyor, the tires are automatically cleaned (including whitewalls).  At the same time, the length of the vehicle and exact location of the wheels is measured and stored in the computer.


The vehicle then goes through an arch that applies a presoak to loosen the surface dirt on the vehicle.  The vehicle then moves approximately 15 feet with nothing else happening.  This allows time (called dwell time) for the presoak to break down the dirt.
Observation Window 2
After the presoak loosens the dirt, through vehicle goes through a hot water high pressure arch that uses up to 24 high pressure nozzles to remove all of the dirt from the vehicle.  After the process, the only thing remaining on the vehicle is a thin non-abrasive film.

This is a VERY IMPORTANT part of the wash process.  The objective of the car wash should be to wash the car, not sand it.  If the heavy dirt is not removed it can accumulate in the washing utensils and that's what can scratch the surface of the vehicle.

An arch automatically applies more soap.  The vehicle goes through a soft lambs wool mitter curtain and side washers that remove the thin film.  Clean fresh water is cascading over the mitter curtain and vehicle.


Observation Window 3
Another high pressure arch rinses the soap from the vehicle.  If you choose the clearcoat protection option, the triple foam polish is applied.  It then goes through yet another lambs wool mitter curtain.

At the same time, high pressure wheel blasters clean the wheels.  As the result of the system measuring the exact location of the wheels, the wheel blasters rotate and track the wheels as they go by resulting in sparkling clean wheels.  If the vehicle is clean but the wheels are dirty, the vehicle simply doesn't look good.

Observation Window 4
The vehicle then goes through a series of water rinse arches with the last rinse being reverse osmosis (R/O) water for spot free rinsing.  Five powerful air dryers remove 90% of the water.  Then the vehicle is hand towel dried.  Door jambs are wiped.

You're on your way in a sparkling clean vehicle!

We make car care a science .... and it shows.

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